Chicken Teryiaki in Ecuador

I don't have many dream destinations. All my early life, I wanted to live in Paris, speak French, eat croissants, dress nicely and have long lunch breaks. This obviously didn't happen.
But from time to time, I start to feel a strong passion about traveling somewhere where I would not think about going before.

So now I am in Ecuador.

The weather has been amazing, not so cold but not so hot either. Something like really perfect European spring. I live with a family who is very nice and they don't speak a word of English. I do not speak Spanish on the other hand, which makes the whole situation very adventurous. I try my best to understand and learn Spanish words quickly as we go and they are good in using Google Translator and it works! We will all be fluent at the end.

La Carolina with a view of Andes mountains

Local food stall

Ceviche de chochos (the thing on top is something like flæskesvær, ugh)

And what do I do here?

I have decided to take an internship at the Universidad Internacional del Ecuador located on the hills above the capital city Quito. It has a beautiful campus and the tuition is probably colossal. I, as an intern, would help the university with doing a research, literature review and do small presentations about what I have learned at my studies of Global Nutrition and Health. I might also get the opportunity to take part in a research about coffee which is a great interest of mine and where else to find more about coffee than in South America?

I will spend some two months in this gorgeous country. Do you want to read some more blog posts on Chicken Teryiaki?



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