4 days in Belgium

My trip to Belgium turned into one big surprise. Positive.

I used to make fun of my boyfriend, who went to Belgium for a 4-month internship, that I am never ever gonna travel to visit him there. 
"I can meet you in Amsterdam perhaps?" did I offer him, as I thought that Brussels is just a boring bureaucratic city, with nothing much to see apart for a piece of steel shaped as a giant atom.

But since the flights to Brussels were like four times cheaper than to Amsterdam, and I am kind of broke after my stay in South America, I had no other option than to go visit the land of waffles, fries and Jean-Claude Van Damme. It was good. It was sooo good.

Brussels is a city full of history and sexual equality (lots of gay bars everywhere), paris-like boulevards, nice cafés, two official languages and elegantly dressed people. Coming from Denmark, the prices of goods and services are slightly lower, though pretty high if you visit from anywhere else.

While there, I enjoyed plenty of good coffee, spending endless hours sitting in Café Capitale.  I was attracted by the nonchalance of the streets and of Belgians and since I am a big fan of art, I visited an exhibition of René Magritte, a big name of Belgian surrealism. Art should be accessible for everyone, that's why all under 26 pay just 2 euros. I very much like this idea.

Basically any place in Belgium you can reach within 2 hours time, which makes it a perfect short-vacation destination. The trains are fast (actually super fast, up to 300 km/h) and clean and you can get a 50% discount during the weekends. You can also get out at any station in the direction of your ride, thus explore several places at once. In 4 days, we have visited the medieval cities of Leuven, Ghent and of course Bruges, which is pretty touristy but perfect for anyone fascinated by the period of Middle Ages. You can stroll through the streets as Colin Farrell did In Bruges, and if you become bored by the crowds of tourist queuing up for a boat ride, there is nothing easier than to go enjoy a big crunchy waffle.

Homemade ice-tea, filtered coffee and waffle in Ghent

Waffles are one of the must-try Belgian foods. I ate two of them at one day (one in Ghent and one in Bruges) and it was a bit of a sugar shock. You can get one with basically any topping you like, for me, whipped cream and strawberries were the winning combo. The dose of sugar will last you for approximately half a year. Belgian beer is also worth trying, but as for fries: you will find the same everywhere in the world.

Yes or yes, Belgium is a great place to be. So don't be like me and don't try to fly to Amsterdam instead. You are gonna have a very good time.

xx Tere xx

Ghent is the new Bruges!

In Bruges 

I have accidentally chosen a wrong kind of flag

Have you also fallen in love with Belgium?


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